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Website usability website has a decent interface, but it is not easy to find the information necessary to order an essay. There are a lot of links there, and we were not sure that some of them were even relevant.  It was like someone built the website in a hurry without really thinking things through.   Some of the links didn’t want to open, and others lead to nowhere.  Sort of a waste of time.


This company’s price adds a number of components together to determine how much they are going to charge.  Things such as the desired number of pages, how many days until the deadline, the actual type of document wanted and the level of difficulty.   They offer a discount, but it is  only

5%  off!   Their pricing structure is in the high range.   One can order a 1 page paper for a minimum of $26.99.  It will be completed within 24 hours.  Premium Quality service provides a $31.99 per 1 page paper completed within 2 days, but there are no money back guarantees that assure customers the papers will be done in time, so it is a risk.

Customer Support’s customer care is weak, at best.  They have several ways to communicate, but none of them are very effective.  At times, they offer inappropriate information, and at other times, they are non-responsive.  One of the representatives was short with me when We asked too many questions about a part of the pricing system that was not clear to me.  We found bad manners a real detriment for any customer support department in any business.

Writing quality

Although the paper was completed ahead of the deadline, the quality was not great.  There were several errors and whole paragraphs that were redundant.  The citations were incorrectly formatted in places, and a lot of the paper seemed to have been cut and pasted from other Internet sources. They do allow free revisions, however, but it took a long time for them to make said revisions.

Order Peculiarities

  • Insufficient guarantees
  • High prices
  • Complicated ordering process
  • Uninformed customer service representatives
  • Allow requests for different writers for revisions


This company’s website is okay, but, at times, complicated to navigate and unsatisfactory in providing all of the needed information.  Their prices were okay for a standard paper, but otherwise very high.  Customer support was as weak as we have ever seen.  One of the agents was rude about responding to questions.  The writing quality was mediocre.  Formatting was off. We do not recommend this company.

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