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This is one of the most intelligently designed websites in the writing industry.  Everything is logically categorized and easy to navigate.  The pertinent information is divided by clearly labeled tabs and can be accessed with the click of a mouse. 


This is one of the most firmly established writing companies online.  They began in 2003, and in the time since, have perfected the art of customer service.  Their agents are well informed and can assist customers efficiently and quickly.  The customer service agents are very helpful and friendly, also, and can offer valuable advice in addition to answering questions and dealing with problems.


The prices depend entirely upon what kind of assignment is requested, its deadline and the academic level that the writing needs to be.  Prices vary from around $12 per page and up.


This company guarantees against plagiarism, so every paper is all original. The writing is of high quality. The editing is outstanding, because papers are not turned back to the students who ordered them until they have been declared free of spelling errors, punctuation and grammar errors and so forth. The papers are written in interesting ways and the formatting is perfect. This company sells the highest quality papers of any that this writer has witnessed so far. This essay company employs writers that have fields of expertise. For example, if you need an essay about horses, they will assign it to one of their writers who are experts on horses. This means that the work is written from the perspective of someone who really knows what he or she is talking about. 

Order processing peculiarities

  • Credit cards, wire transfers, cashiers checks and PayPal all accepted.
  • Free revisions are granted up to 48 hours after student receives paper
  • Customer owns paper completely.  It will not be resold
  • Plagiarism reports available upon request
  • 100% original paper


This is a 5-star writing service that has all of the amenities of a top notch operation. Everything from the easy navigation of the website, to the stellar customer service department to the high quality of the writing, spells out that this is a first rate essay service, one that is dependable and well worth the money. They have great guarantees for things like late papers or plagiarism, and the customer never has to worry about anything going wrong. If problems arise for any reason, the customer service department handles them seamlessly. A large portion of the customers who do business with this essay company are repeat customers.

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