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Website Usability

This is not a user friendly website.  There was difficulty finding the needed information, and the information on the site was not well organized.  The colors were distracting, too, and we found the overall design to be confusing.

Customer Support

They had a chat interface on their website, but we could never get an operator to come to the chat screen. We finally got an answer to our email…..after we had already received our paper back. We don’t know how writing services stay in business when they have “support” like this.  We didn’t find much supportive about it.


They have their pricing divided by the level of difficulty, but it seemed like all of the essays that we read were written at about the same level. They require a 2 page minimum order, so if you only need one page, you still pay for two. The price is $41.98 if you give them 7 days notice. We thought that was pretty steep. Their  Premium Quality writing requested as a rush order, was $52.99 per page. A rush order for a Platinum Quality paper costs 57.99$, but again…We could not discern the different levels of quality. They were all pretty mediocre.


The quality was much lower than advertised.  It appeared to have been written by someone who did not speak English as a native language, because there were grammatical errors that just did not make sense!  There were also a couple of typos that had not been corrected.   This writing service might have editors, but if they do, they certainly aren’t very diligent. 

Order processing peculiarities

  • Limited number of payment options
  • No guarantee that deadline will be met
  • Typos and grammatical errors in papers
  • Overcharge for mediocre work
  • Poor, non-respondent customer service, sometimes rude
  • Non-native English speaking writers
  • Not very professional
  • Difficulty placing order…High pressure sales
  • Mediocre website…takes too long to navigate


Overall, this seemed more like a fly-by-night operation than it seemed like a legitimate, professional writing company.  They have high pressure sales people who try to sell you more than you need.  The prices are fantastically high for what you get.  We did not find the writing quality to be worth the money at all.  In fact, we had to rewrite entire portions of our papers ourselves.  They do not offer any kind of guarantees that would offer assurance to customers that their money is going to be well spent.  Their ccustomer service is not up to par at all.

Checklist by

Checklist by

1. Price calculator

Tool to calculate the price on the basis of your details.

2. Q&A department

How does the service ensure quality.

3. Discounts

Information on available discounts:

  • Lifetime

    Permanent discounts you get upon ordering certain quantity of papers.

  • Holidays

    Special offers for seasonal occasions.

  • First order

    Exclusive one-time discount on the first order.

  • For regular customers

    Special benefits for loyal customers.

4. Live chat

Opportunity to contact the support team instantly and 24/7.

5. Affiliate program

Are there any partner programs. extra features

1. Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit and debit cards by Visa
  • Credit and debit cards by MasterCard
  • Credit cards by American Express
  • Credit cards by Discover

2. Additional Features:

  • Price Calculator
  • Plagiarism check
  • Money back guarantee
  • 100% Privacy
  • All subject areas
  • Free Revisions
  • Free Amendments
  • Progress Bar
  • All Formats
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • 6-hour delivery option
  • Single/Double Spaced papers
  • MA/MS and Ph.D writers
  • Direct contact with the writer

3. Support:

  • Live Chat
  • 24/7/365
  • US Toll-Free
  • UK Toll-Free
  • AU Toll-Free
  • VIP Support

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