• When I see an essay review, I usually think of who exactly reviews and writes reviews for the services offered by your company?

    This is a good question. You should know that professional essay reviews have nothing to do with subjective opinions. The goal of an essay service review is to present and articulate objective information regarding the quality and validity of the essay services offered by us. Essay reviews are written by professional editors who use a set of objective criteria to evaluate their quality. These are the criteria of quality every customer wants to meet.

  • Can we trust the information provided in your reviews?

    All reviews are aimed at sharing our opinion on the quality of writing services available online. We have nothing to do with promotion of particular service.

  • How often do you update the page with the new reviews?

    Frankly speaking, it takes about 2 weeks for our independent evaluator to conduct a research on definite service and to assess the quality of the order (covered paper). Besides, the company chooses the firms that deal with the custom writing, and then make reviews based on the evaluation of services of these firms.

  • How often do you update the current reviews?

    Usually, the current reports are renewed as soon as the websites prove that the recommended changes are implemented in order to improve their performance. The editor can change his or her mind and update information in a report only when theses changes are noticeable by the customers.

  • What to do if my website got a bad review?

    In reality, this is not a reason for frustration or disappointment. You should take this as a challenge and a possibility to improve your online performance. Believe us once any customer leaves a good testimonial, bad report about your website will be neutralized. However, you can contact us, if you think that the evaluation was unfair.

  • How much does it cost to submit a website for a review?

    The editor usually evaluates the targeted website and posts a report for free. Please feel free to submit a new review request here.

  • I have found a review about my website on your page and I want to remove it. What should I do?

    Provided that you do not want EssaysReview.com to post a review about your website, you should contact us via e-mail to solve this problem.