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The website is attractive and well designed. There are links arranged under tabs with full explanations about what information is located there.  The forms are easy to understand and fill out, and there is a live chat interface right on the home page.


Pricing is determined on a graduating scale of requirements.  More advanced requests cost more than simple, straightforward essays.  The price for a paper depends upon how hard it is to write, when its deadline is and other logical determining factors.   Overall, the pricing is more reasonable than any other essay service that we have used. High School level paper with the timeframes of 11-14 days costs 9.99$, College level paper done within 3 days costs 16.99$, PhD level paper produced within 24 hours costs 42.99$ per page. Those who requested for dissertation writing services for papers exceeding 50 pages get a discount of 10%, 100 pages – 15%off, 15 pages – 5%off.


This is one of the most impressive customer support teams we have ever witnessed! If the customer desires, the support team can arrange for a direct telephone conversation with the writer who is working on a customer’s paper.  This helps tremendously with the customization process.   The customer service agents know all about writing and can give helpful advice.  They can also help customers who might not know what their best options are, when it comes to ordering a paper.  The department never closes, so if a customer wakes up on Christmas morning and has a question, they can go to the website and chat with a customer service agent, or even call on the phone and be able to talk to someone.  They go over and aboveboard to offer excellent assistance.


Regardless of the level of difficulty, this company offers excellent quality work.  Not only that, but they guarantee their customer’s satisfaction.  They offer a money back guarantee for plagiarism, and they also guarantee that no paper will have errors in it.  There are never any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, because they have professional editors who scrutinize everything very carefully.  Even at that, if a customer finds an error or wishes to request rewrites, he or she has 48 hours after the paper is returned to him or her, to make these requests and the paper(s) will be rewritten until they reach the level of satisfaction that the customer desires.

Special Considerations:

  • Major Credit Cards and PayPal Accepted
  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • Assistance is Always Available
  • Free Rewrites Offered


The total impression of this writing service is one that has polite customer service representatives, ones that are responsive and caring.  Their writers are well educated and highly qualified, and the work is excellent.

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