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Website usability

There is a  toolbar at the top of the page that can help find the information necessary to order a paper.  Contact information is on the right.   The interface is simple and nondescript.  It does not look professional.


Pricing is based on the paper’s deadline and the level of difficulty requested.  Minimum charge is $12 for one page, if the service is given at least 10 days deadline.  They do offer a premium service level that allows an 8 hour rush order for $45 per page and no guarantees.

Customer Support

Customer service representatives via telephone were not well informed and were unable to answer even basic questions about the service.  The chat operators will just leave customers hanging and not respond at all.   We had the distinct impression that some of them didn’t speak English well, because at times, they seemed to have difficulties answering questions that were basic and straight forward.  Email was also poor quality service.  It took days to get a response, and even then, it was a form letter saying that someone would be addressing our concerns at a later time.  The customer support, for all practical purposes, was virtually non existent for all the good they did.


We ordered a 15 page paper from this service.  The first draft was full of grammatical errors and fraught with plagiarism.  The person who wrote the paper was clearly not a professional writer.  When this company advertises that they employ professionals, they might be telling the truth, but I can attest to the fact that the profession they enact is not writing.  There were major mistakes in my paper!   They gave me a hard time about rewrites and tried to levy a per page additional fee to fix their own mistakes.  This was outrageous!

Order peculiarities

  •  Drafts provided
  • Very poor quality writing
  • Maximum of 275 words per overpriced page
  • Offer SMS progress alerts on cell phones, for extra charge
  • Only offer 10% refund
  • if the order was not assigned to a writer before you decided to cancel  the order


We found this writing service to be exceptionally limited in its offerings.  There is plenty of high pressure to spend money, but we were dissatisfied with the written product.  Pricing was very high, too.  Most writing companies put, at least, 300 words per page.  This one charged more and offered to type fewer words per page. The only guarantee we could find was one for 10%, and there is no guarantee against plagiarism at all.  Not highly recommended!

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